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Reklews - Blah Records (

Blah Records' go-to Sound Engineer, Producer and for years the person who was responsible for running the label in most aspects. Reklews was not an original member or founder of Blah, but his contribution has been massive. Coming at a time when the label was nearly dead, he played a significant role in reviving the whole thing and under his stewardship, Blah managed to stay afloat for years.

An instantly-recognisable sound as a beat maker. Reklews is considered by many to be a heavy-weight beat maker and accomplished producer of music projects. Some of the most iconic songs in the Blah catalogue have been produced by him.



Cult of The Damned - ‘Cult of The Damned’ (2015)
Reklews - 'Rekstrumentals Vol. 4' (2014)
Lee Scott, Bill Shakes, King Grubb & Reklews - 'UVAVU' (2014)
Lee Scott - 'Tin Foil Fronts' (2014)
Tony Broke - 'Money In The Bag' (2014)
Tony Broke - 'Broke As F$£K' (2013)
Reklews - 'Rekstrumentals Vol. 3' (2012)
Reklews - 'Rekstrumentals Vol. 2' (2011)
Reklews - 'Blah etc.' (2011)
Reklews - 'Rekstrumentals Vol. 1' (2010)
Hock Tu Down - 'Something Strange' (2010)
Hock Tu Down - 'Prozium Peddlin' (2009)
Reklews - 'Red Tape' (2009)



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