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Lee Scott

Lee Scott

Lee Scott - Blah Records

Lee Scott grew up on a council estate in Runcorn Town which no longer exists as it was deemed dead shit and thus knocked down. When he wasn't running along the space in between the back garden fences and bushes making various animal noises and threatening old people, he would be in his house banging spoons against boxes in an attempt to make his own music. He one day decided to invent his own genre and started making rap songs before he knew what a rapper was at the exact age of 3 years, 4 months, 2 weeks and 5 days old using the family boombox stereo with in-built mic. Who would of known this small town technically advanced child-savant suffering from multiple personality disorder would go on to become a cult hip hop hero? His Grandad.



Earthworm Grim x Goosewater - 'Serotonin PLZ' (2017)

Lee Scott + Illinformed - 'Stupid Poignant Sh!t' [12" Vinyl] (2017)


Lee Scott - ‘Nice Swan’ (2016)

Lee Scott, Trellion & Jam Baxter - ‘Mansion 38’ (2016)

Lee Scott - 'NVR MND' (2016)

Cult Mountain - 'Cult Mountain II' (2016)

Cult of The Damned - ‘Cult of The Damned’ (2015)

Lee Scott - 'Butter Fly' (2015)

Lee Scott & Black Josh - 'B-Movie Millionaires EP' (2015)

Cult Mountain - 'Cult Mountain' (2014)

Lee Scott - 'CactusOwlMoonGoat' (2014)

Lee Scott, Bill Shakes, King Grubb & Reklews - 'UVAVU' (2014)

Lee Scott - 'Tin Foil Fronts' (2014)

Lee Scott & Illinformed - 'Stupid Poignant Sh!t' (2013)

Lee Scott & Bill Shakes - 'Grumpy Underground Comeback Sh!t' (2013)

Lee Scott - 'Happy Sellout Sh!t' (2012)

Lee Scott - 'Lee's Got Beats' (2012)

Lee Scott - 'Peppered Moth Soup' (2012)

Antiheroes - 'Flows For The Contemporary Urban Gentleman' (2011)

Mcabre Brothers - 'Gonzo Lyricism' (2011)

Mcabre Brothers - 'Merry Crit Mass' (2010)

Antiheroes 'Powdered Water/Buy, Install' (2010)

Hock Tu Down 'Something Strange' (2010)

Hock Tu Down 'Prozium Peddlin' (2009)

Children of The Damned & Brad Strut 'Just Drink EP' (2009)

Mcabre Brothers 'Mcabre Brothers' (2009)

Children of The Damned 'Brick Pelican' (2009)

Lee Scott 'Put on The Glasses' (2008)

Children of The Damned 'Tourettes Camp' (2007)

Lee Scott 'The Wrong Bootleg Demo EP' (2006)



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